Monday, March 28, 2011

Heeeeeeers Dave!

Here is my friend Dave Dick. I noticed he changed his Facebook profile pic recently and it made me think.. I .. Must.. Draw Him...

He done makes Drawrings too! No really.. Go look.

-Love Graham

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Momentous Occasion!!!!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be able to draw Girls. Beautiful Girls, Sexy Ladies, Tough Women you name it, but every single time I tried.. they ended up looking like third-string drag queens. I would often look to incredible artists for inspiration such as Bill Pressing, J Scott Campbell, Tracy Mark Lee, Dean Yeagle, to name a few, who are all masters at capturing the female form with tonnes of appeal. Even with all these great examples, I'm not too embarrassed to say that many a pencil has been snapped in this endeavour.

Well.... Yesterday was a Red Letter day for me. I was sitting at my desk, drawing between animation playblasts, when this happened......

You are looking at the first drawing of a woman I have done, without any reference, that I am actually pleased with!! I don't want to exaggerate anything.. but there may or may not have been angels singing as my brush pen gently kissed the page :P
Now, I know its not much and certainly aint perfect, for example, the Eye Scales need to be swapped, but I think it holds a glimmer of hope that I am heading in the right direction. I made a photocopy to tinker around with, but this particular drawing is being safely tucked away in the vault.

By the way, the drawing was inspired by my friend Maritza who has fallen head over skates in love with roller derby. After seeing some of her pics all derby'd up, I decided to try and do a caricature of her. Here are some rough mock up attempts. Hopefully, Ill find time to do a more complete version and send it to her. Oh.. ya she doesn't know.. so don't tell her, it shall be our lil secret.

1) ...Perhaps a Queen of Bleeding Hearts.

2) ... Tough Girls file their nails with Big ass Metal Files!

3) ... yet another...

Well, thats all for now!

-Love Graham

Don't Laugh at ME!!!

...but I've been watching American Idol this season and have to say that there is some damn fine singers up in there. One in particular is James Durbin, a young Metal Wailing dude, who sings his ass off every time. One minute Judas Priest, the next, a little Paul McCartney. Guy has some pipes!
(( his hair does go further up, alas, the paper didn't))

-Love Graham

Friday, March 18, 2011

More Caricatures...!

This Caricature wall at work is keeping me inspired! Heres one that was supposed to be my fellow animator Thom Roberts, but it looks a bit more like a homeless person.

Then here we have some "Prelim" Sketches of Mr. Jim ( I done did pencil animations for Disney's ) Jackson! Still gots a ways to go.

Lastly, we have the "Wall" version of Mr. Sheldon Kruger! An awesome animator, and kick ass Canadian, that just left us at Blue Sky to head back home to the Great White North. He shall be missed... EH!

-Love Graham

PONTILLAS' PECS... I mean Picks... PICKS!!!"

Time for the first installment of "PONTILLAS' PECS... I mean Picks.. PICKS!"
The game where Bobby digs through the bazillions of doodles I do and picks some he feels I should post. So here ......... we .......... GO!

1) A rough gesture of the American Idol ( stop laughing at me ) contestant James Durbin.
S' bought time TV had a good ol' fashioned Metal Head on there.

2) A rando' doodle of a tough looking dude. Grrrr.

3) and an.. um..... Kid?

Thanks Bobby for weeding through my endless abyss of throw-aways, and forcing me to post them :P You.. y.. you can put that gun away now.

-Love Graham

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Sketchbook Drawrings.

Well, here are a few random doodles/drawings from the Ol' Sketchbook. By Sketchbook I mean the stack of computer paper I keep in a clipboard on my Desk. High Five for Ghetto Sketcbooks!

I have always been pretty rubbish at colouring.. I mean.. I can keep inside the lines and all.. but thats about it. Here I am playing with Coloured Pencils.
Was watching one of my all time favourite films, Mary Poppins, and was inspired to sketch my version of the Feed The Birds Lady.
Listening to some mellow musical stylings of Pantera, so did a quick Vinnie Paul Sketch.
Dunno... but he could prolly whoop my ass.

-Love Graham

...Thinking I might need a Restraining Order.

So... haha... ha.. Bobby P has Drawn me again..... Starting to get.. a little.. afraid.......
Oh wait... theres one from the Awesome Mr. Garrett Shikuma as well! High Five!

((Garrett)) ((Bobby P))


-Love Graham

Bobby P Done Drawr'd me ... Again.

Once again I have been blessed with some caricatures from Mr. Pontillas. Apparently my Ugly Mug holds with it some Artistic Inspiration.

Thanks Bobby!

-Love Graham

Caricatures! Weee!

Well, here at Blue Sky we have a WhiteBoard Wall that is used for BiWeekly-ish Caricatures. So, I figured it was time to start giving em a whirl. Here are a couple of the roughs I did before being transposed onto the Wall...



Trust me.. They are all far better looking than these here scribbles.

-Love Graham