Sunday, March 1, 2015

Random Art Giveaway # 02 - BEBOP (acrylic & colored pencil on canvas paper)

For a while now, I've wanted to take a stab at stylizing some old cartoon characters, and TMNT was always on that list.  So I decided to take a crack at everyones favorite Pig... Bebop!
Its acrylic and colored pencil on canvas paper.  The proud new owner of this piece is none other than the TMNT flag waving fan, Kahl Drogo himself, Mr, Chris Silva.  It lasted approximately 22 seconds on the podium before he came stomping down the lane with rage in his eyes thinking someone may have already taken it.  Alas, it was there, and it is his now.  And all was happy in the land.  Hope ya like it dude.  Heres some process pics should you want to peruse.

On to the next one.... HUZZAH!