Sunday, June 17, 2012

He's Gonna WRECK IT!!!

So, theres this small, artsy, independent studio called The Walt Disney Animation Studios.. Maybe you've heard of 'em.  Well, there making this new movie called Wreck It Ralph, and it looks pretty awesome!  Heres the trailer for it!

I'm pretty stoked to see it, so a hearty high five to Isaak, Hobbie, Nathan, Paul, Brian, Bobby H, Benson, and Bobby P and all the other artists that poured their blood, sweat n tears into this.

ps..   That Zombie is freakin' awesome!

I was inspired by this trailer do a caricature in the spirit of Ralph.. so I give you "Break IT Bobby".

Well, thats.. uh.. thats all I got....  TOODLES!

-Love Graham