Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pontillas' Pics back for Round 2!

Below is the latest Grab-Bag of random doodles that Mr. P felt should be posted, rather than binned.

Two of our most recently departed animators, Mr. Bobby Huth & Mr. Brian Menz. Both very talented dudes who have decided to share their mad skills with the good folks over at Disney.

Whilst listening to the soothing melodies of Pantera, I sketched this quick Dimebag riffin' pose.

Some random man face...

... Derp y derp ...
Im not sure who this is supposed to be, but man is he uuuugly.

Thanks Bobby P! More to come.

-Love Graham

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few More Blue Sky Caricatures.

Here are some more caricatures of some of my fellow Blue Sky Cohorts.

Mr. Pete Paquette, who recently jumped ship for a tour of duty in the Video Game world. We miss you Jerk!

A lovely lady I had the pleasure of sitting with for a while, Mrs, Carolyn Kaiser. She's been learning the Guitar.. hence the .. .. Guitar.

and here is Mr, Ken Kaiser. Officially the Happiest person on the face of the planet! Seriously, Im about 98% certain that you could punch him right in the throat and we would not only take it with a smile, but thank-you and give you a hug. Not that you would ever want to do that.. hes just too darn Nice!

... some Ken pre-drawings...

and a couple of quick planning sketches of the one and only, Mr. Jimothy Jackson!
... He once worked at Disney!

These caricatures probably don't look much like their subjects.. unless of course you don't know them.. then they are Spot-ON!

-Love Graham