Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rando Calrissian....

S'been a while since I last posted, so... here are a few Random Doodles for your perusal.

This first one is a super fast doodle I did while sitting across from the one and only Mr. BJ Crawford. He strikes some pretty awesome poses whilst he animates.

The second one is a self portrait of how I felt while watching my beloved Canucks suffer a complete meltdown in the Stanley Cup Finals. Well.. Theres always next year... sniff...

This here is a painting I did for a Canadian Rock girl Britt Black.

and lastly, me and the boys at work have our daily runs to Dunkin Donuts, and on these trips, we see some pretty interesting things. On one such trip, this woman ran past us, and I had to do a double take. Her lower body and upper body did not match proportionally at all. Her Upper Body was of average shape and size, but she had really large legs.

Well... there we be. As you were.

-Love Graham