Monday, October 21, 2013

Well looky what we have here... My 2013 ShowReel!

Well, I haven't put one of these together in a few years, so here we go.  My 2013 ShowReel, with selected shots from my time thus far at Blue Sky.  Shots are from RIO, Ice Age 4, EPIC & the Teaser for RIO2.

ps.  Many thanks to my pal Jeff Gabor for helping edit this together for me.  You sir are good people!

-Pip Pip Cheerio, Graham

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Adorableness that is Pebbles Stone!

Wow its been forever and a day since I last posted anything.  I am Ashame.

This Chunky-Monkey is Pebbles Stone, my friend Deb's little Chihuahua.  Don't let her size fool you, she can be fierce!  She will growl at you until you pay respects by purchasing her friendship with a wealth of Carrot Treats.


Until next post!