Monday, August 20, 2012

Thou shalt heed the Siren's Call...!

I had the privilege of being a co-character lead with Mr. Matt Doble on the Siren characters in IA4!  They were only a small sequence in the film but were tonnes of fun to work on.  I hope they gave people some laughs.

Mr. Patrik Puhala approached me the other day about doing a drawing for his little Niece.. or was it Cousin.. anyway...  he wanted some of the artists here at work to do some sketches to give to her as a present.  So hey, I thought Id draw the Sirens.  Here were a couple I whipped up.  He chose the first one.  I hope she liked it.


...And heres my next attempt at some digital painting....  Slowly but surely, I shall learn how the hell to do this!  As always, Tips n Tricks welcome.  These were done in Alias Sketchbook Pro.