Friday, March 18, 2011

PONTILLAS' PECS... I mean Picks... PICKS!!!"

Time for the first installment of "PONTILLAS' PECS... I mean Picks.. PICKS!"
The game where Bobby digs through the bazillions of doodles I do and picks some he feels I should post. So here ......... we .......... GO!

1) A rough gesture of the American Idol ( stop laughing at me ) contestant James Durbin.
S' bought time TV had a good ol' fashioned Metal Head on there.

2) A rando' doodle of a tough looking dude. Grrrr.

3) and an.. um..... Kid?

Thanks Bobby for weeding through my endless abyss of throw-aways, and forcing me to post them :P You.. y.. you can put that gun away now.

-Love Graham


  1. Nooo! Now the world will know what my nipples look like! The mystery is gone! Nice workage as always Grizzle, you probably draw more than any animator here.

  2. Thanks Bobby. Tis a prime example of "Quantity" does not always equal "QUALITY" though! :P