Saturday, March 3, 2012

A New Caricature... Mr. Patrik Puhala.

Well.. Now that the Ice Age 4 train is slowing into the station, I hope to find more time to play with my new Cintiq, and get around to posting more! Ive really been wanting to learn how to do some digital painting/coloring, so bear with me.. the first lot may be pretty rough. Any tips, tricks, advice, or critique is more than welcome! Be gentle though.. Im a crier.

My cubical neighbor at work is none other than the recently Annie Award nominated Patrik Puhala. Man oh man can that guy animate! I did a doodle of him during sweatbox dailies, and that turned into another one, and then Melvin Tan did his draw over version, and then that melded into a final one. Here they are.

One of the first editions...

... Mr. Melvin Tan's slightly aged up version :P ...

... By our Powers Combined we give you .... Patrik!!!

... and lastly, my first attempt at some Painting ... lets call it an ode to Mr. Pontillas' wicked style!

Well, lets hope with hours returning to normal, that this is the first of many new updates.. you know... for any of you that are actually seeing this :P

-Love Graham

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